Meanwhile Back at the White Buffalo Bar….


They say the only sure things in life are death and taxes, and that may be so – but here at White Buffalo Bar we’re pretty darn sure about one other thing as well: We guarantee you’ll always find a cold drink and friendly folks at our little watering hole in Far West Texas.

Guest Margaret Henlee recently visited us here at the Gage Hotel after a trip to Big Bend National Park and snapped the above photo (which we love). She commented, “After three hard days of hiking, dirt, and sleeping on the ground the White Buffalo Bar is saving my life and my sense of humor.”

While we can’t guarantee you’ll be as lucky as Margaret who shared the bar with real and rhinestone clad cowboys and girls, your chances are almost as sure as taxes…


Our Porch is in Full Spring!

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While its difficult to choose just one area, the Gage Hotel’s front porch might be our favorite spot on the property.

We love watching guests spend quiet mornings relaxing in the oversized rocking chairs with coffee in hand, enjoying the fresh West Texas air as the sun rises gently over our little town. As afternoon approaches, the spot becomes populated with family and friends rocking, laughing, sharing stories and taking in the comings and goings of the locals. And many stay to watch the sun fade into striking hues of pink, orange and red. Though our vibrant West Texas sunsets are legendary, the night sky dotted with a million stars certainly rivals it in beauty and provides the perfect excuse to star gaze on the porch with a great glass of wine.

Spring at the Gage Hotel is here. Wish you were too!

Love is in the air!



We may be a little biased but we’ve had plenty of guests agree…weddings at the Gage Hotel are some of the most charming we’ve attended. With ideal mountain weather (think warm days, cool nights), beautiful architecture, and gorgeous gardens, the quaint town of Marathon serves as the perfect backdrop for the event of a lifetime. Our weddings just seem to exude a sense of enchantment that resonates with everyone.
Weddings tend to ‘take over’ our little town where everything is within walking distance and guests consistently enjoy impromptu meetings with one another at the local coffee shop each morning, or at lunch at one of the notable eateries. The friendly atmosphere is conducive to mingling and meeting, and the picturesque sights give guests an authentic experience they won’t soon forget.
Not to mention that our hotel is perfect for large groups. The Gage Hotel can accommodate an array of budgets and traveler preferences with options in the Historic Hotel, Los Portales and Captain Shepards. And our tastefully decorated homes located right off the property are ideal for housing wedding parties and big families.  
If there are three things we understand here at the Gage Hotel, they are tradition, family, and love. Whether you have a small, intimate wedding in mind, or a large and extravagant celebration, we are ready and happy to accommodate your every wish. In fact, we love it.

“Texas Mountain Trail” plants the Gage on your West Texas Itinerary



The Gage Hotel has been featured as one of Texas Mountain Trail’s top “historic sites” to visit when planning a Texas retreat. With its unbeatable proximity to Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande, Gage Hotel is an ideal destination for outdoor trailblazers and leisure vacationers alike. With adobe style rooms, gorgeous gardens, and guesthouses that date back to 1899, the hotel a historic gem is not to be missed by any West Texas travelers. With a dual appeal of raw excitement and rich relaxation, the Gage Hotel’s natural charm draws in all those who truly want to partake in the incomparable experience that is West Texas.

Thanks Texas Mountain Trail!

A Very Long Story Short: The Re- Opening of Boquillas, Mexico


It is the town that inspired Robert Earl Keen’s “Gringo Honeymoon”. At one time it was the destination for Americans seeking the flavor of Mexico for a few hours. It was a town romanticized by many and surrounded by Big Bend’s majestic mountains, red rock wilderness, and tableaus. A town whose occupants were known for frequenting the Texas side of the border for supplies and visits with family and friends, and with them bringing hand-made gifts for passing tourists. Boquillas, Mexico sits right across the Rio Grande from Big Bend National Park, and almost 11 years ago, this beloved neighboring pueblo was alienated from visitors and friends due to strict border control efforts following September 11th.

Now, after years of separation, the border has officially been re-opened and the celebration has commenced. This is big news for our guests at the Gage Hotel as this charming and safe destination, with its rich history, has been restored and is open for visitors.

Though the town has shrunken and many have moved away, the border communities will again be able to work together in order to build and repair the decade of communal history that has been lost. Texas officials will once more work side by side with their Mexican counterparts in order to serve both communities, and a tourist complex is expected in the near future.

Here at the Gage Hotel, we value the tradition, history, and beauty of West Texas and look forward to serving as a home base to our guests who seek to discover and visit Big Bend and the charming town of Boquillas, Mexico.


Photo Credit; Texas Highways Blog