A Very Long Story Short: The Re- Opening of Boquillas, Mexico


It is the town that inspired Robert Earl Keen’s “Gringo Honeymoon”. At one time it was the destination for Americans seeking the flavor of Mexico for a few hours. It was a town romanticized by many and surrounded by Big Bend’s majestic mountains, red rock wilderness, and tableaus. A town whose occupants were known for frequenting the Texas side of the border for supplies and visits with family and friends, and with them bringing hand-made gifts for passing tourists. Boquillas, Mexico sits right across the Rio Grande from Big Bend National Park, and almost 11 years ago, this beloved neighboring pueblo was alienated from visitors and friends due to strict border control efforts following September 11th.

Now, after years of separation, the border has officially been re-opened and the celebration has commenced. This is big news for our guests at the Gage Hotel as this charming and safe destination, with its rich history, has been restored and is open for visitors.

Though the town has shrunken and many have moved away, the border communities will again be able to work together in order to build and repair the decade of communal history that has been lost. Texas officials will once more work side by side with their Mexican counterparts in order to serve both communities, and a tourist complex is expected in the near future.

Here at the Gage Hotel, we value the tradition, history, and beauty of West Texas and look forward to serving as a home base to our guests who seek to discover and visit Big Bend and the charming town of Boquillas, Mexico.


Photo Credit; Texas Highways Blog


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