Love is in the air!



We may be a little biased but we’ve had plenty of guests agree…weddings at the Gage Hotel are some of the most charming we’ve attended. With ideal mountain weather (think warm days, cool nights), beautiful architecture, and gorgeous gardens, the quaint town of Marathon serves as the perfect backdrop for the event of a lifetime. Our weddings just seem to exude a sense of enchantment that resonates with everyone.
Weddings tend to ‘take over’ our little town where everything is within walking distance and guests consistently enjoy impromptu meetings with one another at the local coffee shop each morning, or at lunch at one of the notable eateries. The friendly atmosphere is conducive to mingling and meeting, and the picturesque sights give guests an authentic experience they won’t soon forget.
Not to mention that our hotel is perfect for large groups. The Gage Hotel can accommodate an array of budgets and traveler preferences with options in the Historic Hotel, Los Portales and Captain Shepards. And our tastefully decorated homes located right off the property are ideal for housing wedding parties and big families.  
If there are three things we understand here at the Gage Hotel, they are tradition, family, and love. Whether you have a small, intimate wedding in mind, or a large and extravagant celebration, we are ready and happy to accommodate your every wish. In fact, we love it.


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