Adventures at Lajitas Stables



There is plenty to do here in the Big Bend area of Texas. One of our favorite adventure spots is Lajitas Stables.  Only 2 hours from the Gage Hotel, Lajitas Stables allows you to experience this part of Southwest Texas just like the cowboys did.

Located along the Rio Grande River visitors will explore the brilliant desert and remarkable mountains by horseback. Lajitas offers riding packages ranging from 2 hours to all day. Each ride is a unique experience providing everything from a river view to a mountain top picnic.

After a long day of exploring the beautiful Lajitas landscapes the Gage Hotel is happy to serve as your home base until you’re off on another West Texas adventure…

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Milky Way Over Marathon


Every day we learn something new about our little slice of West Texas.  Today we discovered that Marathon has a Class 1 dark sky rating.

We know what you are thinking, how exactly does one earn a Class 1 dark sky rating? Well, according to the Bortle Scale there are 9 different types of night skies. A Class 9 night sky is what you might see in a city, while a Class 1 sky has little to no other light sources that restrict visibility.

In most cases you would have to go hundreds of miles off the coast to see a class 1 dark sky. Here in West Texas, Big Bend National Park has a Gold level Class 1 dark night sky, which makes it a stargazing hotspot. Our unique location only 69 miles from Big Bend puts us in a perfect location to stargaze from our porch. If y’all aren’t convinced yet of the dark sky beauty here in Marathon, when the Earth is positioned correctly we can spot Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Zodiacal lights from our skies right here at the Gage Hotel.

So after a day of soaking up the sun by the pool, enjoying some evening cocktails at the White Buffalo Bar, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Milky Way in our Class 1 dark night skies!

Visiting Big Bend National Park


Here at the Gage Hotel we love our little chunk of Texas. Thus, we couldn’t go without mentioning the park that gives the Big Bend area of West Texas its name. With 801,163 acres Big Bend National Park is the perfect attraction with something for everyone.

The park’s 200 miles of hiking trails offer opportunities to hike, horseback ride, bird watch, stargaze and much more. If water activities are more your style the park borders Rio Grande for 118 miles and provides the chance to take float excursions, kayak, canoe and soak in hot springs.  For a Mexican adventure visitors can cross the border through the Boquillas Crossing Port of Entry inside the park (previously mentioned here).

With a National Park filled with this many activities we don’t know how you’ll pick what to do first. One thing is for sure, visiting Big Bend National Park is the perfect compliment to your stay at the Gage Hotel.

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West Texas Love Story : A Girl and The Gage

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We were perusing Instagram and came across some great photos of the Gage and had to get in touch with the photographer, Monica Danna from Houston. Turns out, she not only has some great shots of The Gage Hotel (pictured) but she also has a West Texas Love story… She and her now fiancé fell in love while on a trip to West Texas and plan to have their wedding at the Gage Hotel in October. We decided to let her share some of the details…

Gage: What first brought you to the Gage Hotel?

Danna: A friend with a home in Marfa started bringing me out to visit 3 years ago. He is a writer, radio personality, and chef who has a passion for West Texas and began writing a book on the history of the Gage Hotel. I fell in love with it the first time!


Gage: What is it about the Gage Hotel that keeps you coming back?

D: We love the area and the Gage Hotel is one of the best places to stay near Big Bend. It’s so peaceful and true to Texas. And the food is amazing!


Gage: Why did you decide to have your Wedding there?

D: My fiancé and I took a trip with friends out to West Texas while we had only been dating a few months. After that trip, we knew that we had found something special — Both in each other, and in this beautiful part of our state!


Gage: What details can you tell us about your wedding?

D: We are focusing a lot on the activities while guests are there. We want to show them what an amazing adventure West Texas and Big Bend can be. We have jeep tours and rafting tours scheduled, even a star party that the Gage is setting up for us!


Gage: Why are you most excited to have your wedding at the Gage:

D: From the day we got engaged we knew we wanted to do it at the Gage. So many of our friends and family have never been, and what we wanted most of all was to share our love of the West with them.

Grilling at the Gage


Now that summer is upon us we are excited to be teaming up with Cowboy Chef Paul Petersen and Fall Creek Vineyards to host an evening of grilled food, great wine, and a gorgeous atmosphere.

On June 15th please join us for our fabulous event Grilling at the Gage. The evening will begin with a cocktail hour followed by a gourmet farm-to-table dinner.

That’s not all folks! Owners of the Fall Creek Vineyard Ed and Susan Auler will hold a wine chat with guests. Additionally, guests will enjoy a grilling demonstration by the grill master, Chef Petersen himself.

Tickets are $75 and include dinner, wine and demonstrations. Our historic site is sure to set the perfect backdrop for a night to remember.

The Cool Secret About Summer in West Texas




Packing for your summer trip to the Gage Hotel? Don’t forget jeans or a light sweater!

We know the Big Bend area has a bit of a bad rap for bringing on the heat (and we aren’t talking about our guacamole or jalapeño margaritas), however, located at a higher altitude than the rest of our Lonestar state, Marathon boasts beautiful desert weather. The sunny days, cool nights, and unusually low humidity, make Marathon a great getaway for those looking to cool things down this summer!

Enjoy brisk mornings on our porch, sunny days by the pool, afternoon strolls through our gardens, and crisp evenings with highs in the 60s. It’s the perfect weather for dinner under the stars.