West Texas Love Story : A Girl and The Gage

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We were perusing Instagram and came across some great photos of the Gage and had to get in touch with the photographer, Monica Danna from Houston. Turns out, she not only has some great shots of The Gage Hotel (pictured) but she also has a West Texas Love story… She and her now fiancé fell in love while on a trip to West Texas and plan to have their wedding at the Gage Hotel in October. We decided to let her share some of the details…

Gage: What first brought you to the Gage Hotel?

Danna: A friend with a home in Marfa started bringing me out to visit 3 years ago. He is a writer, radio personality, and chef who has a passion for West Texas and began writing a book on the history of the Gage Hotel. I fell in love with it the first time!


Gage: What is it about the Gage Hotel that keeps you coming back?

D: We love the area and the Gage Hotel is one of the best places to stay near Big Bend. It’s so peaceful and true to Texas. And the food is amazing!


Gage: Why did you decide to have your Wedding there?

D: My fiancé and I took a trip with friends out to West Texas while we had only been dating a few months. After that trip, we knew that we had found something special — Both in each other, and in this beautiful part of our state!


Gage: What details can you tell us about your wedding?

D: We are focusing a lot on the activities while guests are there. We want to show them what an amazing adventure West Texas and Big Bend can be. We have jeep tours and rafting tours scheduled, even a star party that the Gage is setting up for us!


Gage: Why are you most excited to have your wedding at the Gage:

D: From the day we got engaged we knew we wanted to do it at the Gage. So many of our friends and family have never been, and what we wanted most of all was to share our love of the West with them.


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