Dinosaur Discovery


It’s no secret that this area of Big Bend is chock-full of animals ranging from birds to snakes and mountain lions. However, this summer researchers are adding a new animal to that list, the Bravoceratops Poluphemus. This newly discovered dinosaur’s skull fossils were unearthed not too far from the Gage Hotel in Big Bend National Park.

The initial discovery took place two years ago but it wasn’t until June that researchers deemed the remains a new species of horned dinosaur. The name Braveoceratops means wild horn-face. In its prime, 75 – 65 million years ago, this animal’s skull measured about seven feet long with two three-foot long brow horns. Don’t worry y’all, the Bravoceratops was a friendly plant-eating dinosaur whose size and horns were used to intimidate rivals as much as attract mates.

While we doubt you’ll run into any dinosaurs while here at the Gage Hotel, it just goes to show, you never know what you’ll discover next in the Big Bend region of west Texas.


Photo Credit: Wiki Travel 


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