The Huffington Post on Marathon and The Gage Hotel

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Last week The Huffington Post begged the question “is Marathon, Texas the Next (Or Next Next) Marfa?”  We aren’t quite sure, and we aren’t sure if we want to be? We absolutely love our “off-beat cool” neighbor Marfa, but we like being Marathon.

We were, however, absolutely flattered that they took an interested in The Gage Hotel and our quaint town “dotted with adorable old-timey eateries and other super Texas-y things” (The Huffington Post).

The Huffington Post highlighted the Gage Hotel, particularly Captain Shepard’s House, as a monument of Marathon’s up and coming culture. While mentioning some of the hot spots in town, they underlined White Buffalo Bar and 12 Gage as a few of the best.

We are so proud to be part of this West Texas town on the rise!


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