Through the Lense of a Gage Hotel Guest

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A few weeks ago we received the loveliest email and gorgeous photos from a guest who had recently stayed at our historic hotel on his trip to Far West Texas. Dieter Kaupp, a photographer based in Austin, called it an “oasis in the desert” and said he loved “the whole experience”. Since we realize we may be a little biased about our special spot in Marathon, we thought you should hear it first-hand from a guest of the Gage Hotel.

What first brought you to the Gage Hotel? 

I have heard many praises over the years — I decided to visit Big Bend so the Gage Hotel was my obvious hotel.

What is it about the Gage that keeps you coming back? 

Serenity, comfort, unique rooms and above all the food.

What is your favorite thing to do while in Marathon?

Eat at the Gage Hotel’s 12 Gage Restaurant

How is the Gage different from other places you have stayed?

The quality, comfort, and food far out pass other hotels for the same price or ones that you pay even more.

Do you have any recommendations for new guests? 

I always recommend The Gage to anyone passing through the area.

What is the most unique thing about the Gage Hotel?

The first class accommodations and food in an isolated area.  An ‘oasis’ in the desert.

How would you describe the rooms at the Gage Hotel? 

Comfortable, roomy, well constructed, unique features, nicely accessorized. Love the entry doors!  Two bathrobes in each room  — this is usually something you ONLY get at other hotels when paying MUCH more.

How would you describe your stay/ experience at the Gage Hotel? 

Loved every minute of it and hope to experience it again soon.  I’ve stayed in many hotels around the world at various prices. This is definitely the most memorable.


All photos credit of Dieter Kaupp


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