Bicycling West Texas — A Cycle Friendly Hotel

Hwy 90 from Marfa to Alpine close April 11

The mountains in Far West Texas offer relaxed climbs and exhilarating descents and are a favorite of bicyclists who rave about the untouched landscape and unmatched scenery.  Long, even roads (sans traffic) lend to the enjoyment of biking in our little corner of Texas and bring cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. Whether you’re interested in a day ride during your stay at the Gage Hotel or if we’re just a stop along the way we are cycle- friendly and we ‘re proud to say that we consistently receive great reviews from our cycling guests.

Cyclists are not only elated for delicious, gourmet pasta dinners and vegetarian dishes served on our 12 Gage Restaurant menu but spacious rooms and covered porches are ideal for stowing bikes. Those venturing on longer rides through Texas tend to take advantage of our pool and fitness center in addition to our spa services. And most importantly right around the corner is The French Company Grocer where cyclists can easily pack snacks or meals for their journey or go for emergency bike repair!

For more information on cycling trips or tips and advice for your West Texas Journey please visit the links we have provided below. We wish you a safe ride and hope to see you along the way – We promise to keep you geared up (see what we did there?) for your journey!  Call 1.800.884. 4243 for reservations today.

(Photo pictured above credit of Texas Mountain


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