A message from Gage Hotel owner JP Bryan

Dear Friends and Guest of the Gage Hotel,

We have decided to write a quarterly newsletter and send you updates on things of interest to encourage you to make a visit to this unique and fascinating part of Texas. Since this is the first, let me highlight some of the history and features that will make a visit to the Gage a memorable experience.

First, we as Texans, either by chance or choice, share in the greatest history of any State in the Union. Part of this historical uniqueness and grandeur is bound in the land. It introduces itself as an omnipresent force when one crosses the Pecos River into the vast Trans Pecos Region; the center of which is Brewster County, the least populated and largest county in the State which totals over 3,963,520 acres.

Here under the spell of the Chihuahuan Desert, framed by the eastern most extension of the Rocky Mountains, and in the charming small community of Marathon, resides the Gage Hotel. For the Mescalero and Lipan Apache, this was a mystical land – a place of religious importance.   We believe it still is. This land, of the long view of the earth below and vast array of heaven’s brightest stars above, calms the soul.

At the Gage, we try to balance your stay by making your experience here comfortable enough so you won’t feel the need to depart by promoting a desire for you to experience the adventure of one of the last great frontiers of America. Visit the Big Bend National Park, nearly a million acres of desert terrain punctuated by the bountiful forested Chisos Mountains and defined by the Rio Grande as it meanders through the crevices of Mariscal, Boquillas and Santa Elena canyons. Just a short distance west of the park is the colorful community of Terlingua, home to a famed Chili Cook-off, and not far away, in Lajitas is a wonderful resort golf course that extends from the river to the surrounding hills. To the north is the beautifully restored cavalry fort, Fort Davis, and nearby on Mt. Livermore is the McDonald Observatory where families can enjoy a star party viewing the wonders of the heavens of the Southern Hemisphere. These are only a few suggestions of the many unique venues that will pique your interest and provide you moments of reflections on history and the wonders of God’s creation.

We continue to make notable improvements at the Gage Hotel to enhance your experience here. Recently, an extensive restoration was completed to the guest rooms in the historic hotel which feature beautiful new baths and room furnishings. Two years ago, we purchased and completely restored the historic Captain Shepard’s home, built in 1890, which includes five bedrooms in the main house and two in a carriage house surrounded by a large beautifully landscaped private yard ideal for a special family or corporate gathering. Currently, we are polishing the look of our 28-acre Gage Garden which include walking and running trails, ponds, native landscape trees, plants and flowers offering one of the premiere bird and butterfly watching spots in the entire region. Additionally, our Gage Spa has added new services for your enjoyment and our famous 12-Gage Restaurant, White Buffalo Bar and hotel were recently featured in Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, Western Art and Architecture, Dallas Morning News and the Austin American Statesman. For guests wanting to take home something special from the area, don’t miss our new V-6 Collection store, featuring unique area books, art, antiques, decorative home accessories and Gage logo items.

Foremost, it is our goal is for you to enjoy this part of the world we have come to love, but equally important is that you find your stay with us rewarding enough to want to return again and again.

JP Bryan

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