Cowboys & Indians Celebrates J.P. Bryan’s Latest Cultural Contribution

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“You might say J.P. Bryan’s magnificent Texas obsession began when he was a kid on the beach saving sea turtles with his grandma. Throughout a life full of Forbes-worthy achievements, you could almost draw a line from those sandy sea-air days of his youth on the Gulf Coast across the decades to what might be his crowning glory: the new Bryan Museum in Galveston, Texas.”

– Cowboys & Indians, January 2016

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J.P. Bryan, owner of the Gage Hotel and guardian of its legacy, is also a life-long student and collector of Texas history and Western art. After years of dedication and hard work, he recently opened the Bryan Museum in Galveston, Texas. The museum is a dazzling display of historic and culturally significant art, artifacts and information. We recommend anyone visiting the area or able to make a special trip to Galveston to plan a visit.

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