True Taste of West Texas: 12 Gage Restaurant

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Here at the Gage Hotel we take great pride in all we have to offer our guests- including our restaurant, 12 Gage. Featuring dishes such as smoked ribs, wild boar, rainbow trout, and a mouth-watering buffalo burger, the 12 Gage menu puts forth the best West Texas has to offer.

The outdoor patio gives an intimate and romantic setting near the fire, while the cozy upscale dining room provides an extraordinary culinary experience for families, friends and groups.

Our dishes feature produce picked right from our own Gage Hotel garden, ensuring the freshest tastes of the area. 12 Gage also provides an extensive list of wines to pair with your meal, as well as fun and tasty Texas-inspired cocktails.

As 12 Gage is equally renowned for its atmosphere as it’s crave-worthy dishes, our restaurant is truly the whole package— fully encapsulating the tastes and feel of Marathon.

Captain Shepard’s Grand Re Opening Event

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Please join us on Friday, August 2nd as we celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of Captain Shepard’s House with a dinner under the stars featuring the iconic Texas Cowboy Cook, Tom Perini and Becker Vineyards. Tickets to the event are $75 per person and include Perini’s signature Steakhouse Dinner and wine pairings.

Built in 1899 in the classic colonial architecture style, Captain Shepard’s House was named after the founder of Marathon and originally served as a single-family home. Now completely renovated, the two-story five bedroom home, includes four common rooms and a two-bedroom carriage house surrounded by a gorgeous garden and traditional adobe wall.

Please call 432-386-4205 for more information or for reservations to the event. We look forward to seeing you August 2nd for another great night of fun at the Gage Hotel!

Your Home Base for West Texas’ Music Festival, Viva Big Bend




The last weekend in July the streets of far West Texas are going to be alive with the sound of music. Viva Big Bend, our annual West Texas music festival, is back again.  Viva Big Bend encompasses the best of West Texas by taking over the towns of Alpine, Fort Davis, Marfa, and Marathon.

More than 50 bands will be present for the four-day, West Texas music festival July 25 – 28. Passes cost $60 and include entrance to all nighttime events. Special activities for children will take place including craft areas and free daytime shows.

Make The Gage Hotel your home base during the four days of music and fun. We will send you off each morning refreshed and ready to enjoy another day of fun and music. With delicious food, epic drinks, comfy beds, and a gorgeous pool and patio, The Gage Hotel is the perfect place to stay while enjoying all Viva Big Bend has to offer.

Dinosaur Discovery


It’s no secret that this area of Big Bend is chock-full of animals ranging from birds to snakes and mountain lions. However, this summer researchers are adding a new animal to that list, the Bravoceratops Poluphemus. This newly discovered dinosaur’s skull fossils were unearthed not too far from the Gage Hotel in Big Bend National Park.

The initial discovery took place two years ago but it wasn’t until June that researchers deemed the remains a new species of horned dinosaur. The name Braveoceratops means wild horn-face. In its prime, 75 – 65 million years ago, this animal’s skull measured about seven feet long with two three-foot long brow horns. Don’t worry y’all, the Bravoceratops was a friendly plant-eating dinosaur whose size and horns were used to intimidate rivals as much as attract mates.

While we doubt you’ll run into any dinosaurs while here at the Gage Hotel, it just goes to show, you never know what you’ll discover next in the Big Bend region of west Texas.


Photo Credit: Wiki Travel 

A Stroll Through Our Gardens

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There is no better time than summer to enjoy the Gage Hotel garden in all its glory.  The garden not only boosts simple beauty for our guests, but is also an oasis for migrating birds and butterflies that enjoy the native flora as much as we do.

Visitors will also find a bountiful live garden that supplies us with the fruit and nuts we use in many of our restaurant’s dishes. The apples, apricots, peaches, pears, mulberries, pomegranates, pecans, and walnuts we grow here at the Gage Hotel will surely be some of the freshest our guests ever taste.

Come down to the Gage, take a walk through our garden, and dine on some of our locally grown, fresh ingredients!